Blogging is the procedure to update a blog, a Blog is a type of website that can be updated quickly by people without technical knowledge, with articles organized chronologically, with the most recent displayed at the top of the page. These articles, called posts, dealing with issues and topics vary by the type of blog. Initially blogs were identified with online journals, they were predominately personal sites. Today there are corporate blogs, news blogs, music blogs, video, photos, etc…

The format of blogs

A blog is generally composed of two or three vertical columns. The main and most wide is reserved for the posts, while others appear in the lists of links to other blogs or sites on the same subject (or not), navigation menus, files, etc..


An important feature of blogs is the ability of people to leave comments on posts published, creating an interaction between the blogger (blog owner) and their audience. This characteristic is what defines a blog as an important social media, which promotes the formation of networks of people who share the same interest on the Internet.

Then hackers create programs comments apply to systems of publishing blogs that have not yet offer such capability. The process of commenting on blogs meant a democratization of publishing, thereby reducing barriers so that readers become writers.

The blogosphere, a term that represents the world of blogs , or blogs as a community or social network, grew up in astonishing pace. In1999 the number of blogs was estimated at less than 50, in late 2000 , it was estimated a few thousand. Less than three years later the figure had jumped to something around 2.5 to 4 million. Currently there are about 112 million blogs and about 120 000 are created daily, according to the study of Blogosphere State .

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