5 Tips to Get Cheap High Quality Clicks for Your Adwords Campaign

5 Tips to Get Cheap High Quality Clicks for Your Adwords Campaign

Placing your ads on Adwords can cost you a lot of money. If you can’t get cheap and high quality clicks, you will get broke easily. Here are some tips to get the cheapest clicks for your Google Adwords campaign:

1. Target your bid to content network

Targeting your PPC ads to the content network means that you will place your ads on sites with Google Adsense ads displayed on them. Not only this is a cheaper approach to get high quality clicks, it will easily help you to drive good quality targeted traffic to your landing page. Most of those Adsense sites are highly targeted to certain niche and the price for the bid will not be more expensive than the regular bid.

2. Target long-tail keywords

If you target long-tail keywords in your campaign, you will get cheaper clicks than if you target main big keywords. Long-tail keywords can only give you very little visitors per keyword. But, those keywords are highly targeted and they can give you a good benefit for your offer. Targeting only one long-tail keyword may not give you significant amount of traffic, but targeting thousands of long-tail keywords will give you significant amount of traffic with cheap cost per click.

3. Playing by the rules

Getting the cheapest clicks as possible can be done and you can have the cheap clicks that you want by following Google’s rules. This is not a kind of trick that you will play on Google. However, to get the real best deal from Adwords, you have to play by the rules and build good history in your Google Adwords account. The better you build your Adwords history, the best deal Google will give to you. In fact, you can get cheaper clicks than other marketer in your niche.

4. Use image ads to your advantage

You can also do some testing with your image ads. Run different kinds of image ads in different keywords, locations, and positions. You need to test your image ads to get the highest click-through rate as possible. The higher your click-through rate, the cheaper the cost per click will be. Just make sure to create image ads that will stand out from the crowd and you’ll find it easier to find the highest click-through rate.

5. Don’t target top keywords

Top keywords are where you spend the most money on Adwords. So, it is important for you not to target top keywords in your campaign. That’s because top keywords will have too stiff competition and they will be too general for you. You need to make sure that you do your keyword research homework well. Target smaller keywords that will give you little traffic per keyword. However, if you combine those small keywords in your campaign, you will get many visitors to your landing page with cheapest cost per click.

Use those tips to get the cheapest clicks possible in your Google Adwords. You’ll get more profit in your campaign if you succeed in getting cheap high quality clicks from it. However, make sure to tweak your landing page as well.

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