Content Writing: How to Balance SEO and Readability

Content Writing: How to Balance SEO and Readability

Indeed, it is a very difficult task to balance search engine optimization and readability of your content. Nowadays, people are getting smart and can easily distinguish if the website’s article is meant for search engines and not for people who are reading and visiting the site. You may need to employ an SEO expert and a great writer to help you out in creating a quality content and not just for the sake of getting a higher rank in the search engine’s lists. On the other hand, there are several ways to balance SEO and readability that you can do by yourself.

  • Avoid keyword stuffing. When an article contains too much repeated keywords, the article will turn out to be unnatural due to the so-called keyword stuffing. You might be very visible to the search engine, but people will be quite disappointed with the article and might leave your website. Therefore, it is essential to balance the use of keywords to get more potential traffic.
  • Less keyword on the article. This may happen in some cases when the writer became unconscious about putting keywords and focusing on it throughout the article. The keywords should be the main focus, although, you have to make the article more enticing for the readers without an obvious presence of keywords.
  • Determining how to balance both SEO and readability. You have to find it by yourself and starting with a decision on what keywords are you going to use on the article. You have to create a plan and distinguish which keyword is the suitable for your content and if it has significance on your readers. The next step would be creating your title and the keyword should be included on the title itself. Also, make sure that you write your own article and measure the density of your keywords throughout the article. This is done to determine if you need to remove or add keywords based on the outcome.
  • The last factor to consider when you are balancing SEO and readability is to test your article and determine if it is easy to read and at the same a SEO friendly. Read the article first or let other people that you know to read it and get some feedback about it. You can always make changes and revisions once you’re not satisfied with the outcome.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a high-quality article that is valuable and can be very informative. Prioritize the readability first because the optimization process will follow.

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