Give Your Article the Power to Drive Regular Traffic!

Give Your Article the Power to Drive Regular Traffic!

Give Your Article the Power to Drive Regular Traffic!

If only you can make your article more powerful, you can drive more traffic to your website and boost your sales. Article is an important part of your online marketing business. With article marketing, you have the chance to drive regular and ongoing traffic to your landing page, if you do it right. Here are some tips to create more powerful article that will drive more regular traffic to your website:

1. Sticky title

How-to and list articles usually have sticky title. They are powerful enough to attract people attention to read your article. In order to drive regular traffic with your article, you have to create sticky title for each of your article. Sticky title means title that is out of the box and stand out from the crowd of similar article. You will see many examples of sticky titles on the internet. Browse the popular blog in your niche, and if you see popular posts, those are sticky titles. Or browse the popular forum in your niche, and the threads with most response usually have sticky titles.

2. Punchy opening line

Without a strong opening line, you will not be able to keep the attention of your readers. So, always follow sticky title with punchy opening line. Making punchy opening line is not too difficult at all. You just need to give your readers the curiosity that will attract their attention. Give good questions to your opening line or give some strong facts about the problem that you will solve in your article.

3. Good and engaging content

Of course, the meat or main point of writing your article should be to give your readers good insight about the subject. You need to give your readers good and engaging content to make them read your article until the last paragraph. In article marketing, you just need to give your readers one main idea for each of your article. You don’t need to tell them about everything. Just give them good and engaging content for your article.

4. Strong conclusion

End your article with strong conclusion that drives your readers to conclude the article. Strong conclusion can make your reader to make a good decision about their problem. Without strong conclusion, your article will look weird and seem incomplete. So, it is necessary for you to give one paragraph of strong conclusion for your article.

5. Persuasive call-to-action

A strong resource box with persuasive call-to-action will direct your readers to your website. The main point of your resource box is that you should make it persuasive enough to attract attention of your visitors to visit your website. Use persuasive call-to-action in order to entice your readers to visit your website. Keep it simple, but make it interesting for your readers.

Those are some tips to create a more powerful article. So, before you submit your article to your favorite article directories, you should consider those tips and apply them in your article. If you do it right, you will be able to drive more traffic with your article.

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