What If Your Site Is Penalized by Google?

What If Your Site Is Penalized by Google?

There are numerous factors that can affect your site’s reputation. Google can penalize your website any time if your site contains the deceptive or malicious content or if the user has used illegal techniques to generate traffic. The major downside you will face is the unexpected decrease of traffic on your site and getting lower ranks in search engine results.

Here are some indications to check if Google or any search engine has penalized your site.

There are some certain standards for search engine rankings derived by Google to improve the search engine results. This is basically the rank website contains in the search engine results when user type a particular keyword in search engine tab. In case the website contains a high rank, the webpage will be displayed among the first few search results. But while search engine optimization, some other illegal techniques followed may affect and penalize your site by Google.

Possible Penalty Reasons
There would be a possibility that Google may penalize your site if you are not following the webmaster quality guidelines. You need to ensure that your site does not contain any deceiving methods like broken, hidden or spam links to increase the search engine ranking. Any site that contains lot of outgoing links than the content will also automatically lose its ranking in search engines. So, before adding links to your site, check the authenticity of links. Duplicate, low quality, unreadable or scrapped content also have a considerable result in your ranking and Google penalization. Your site could also be affected by a new Panda algorithm launched by Google in 2011, if your site contains illegal content, for instance if the content has taken from any other site will also cause a result of down rank.

Consequences of Getting Penalized You Can Face
If your site has been penalized by Google, the ranking will be dropped down automatically in search engine results or the site will be removed from search engines permanently. Google can also backlist your site as unsafe for browsing. If Google has dropped the rank of your site, few users will click on your website URL and you would not be able to generate traffic.

Request the Reconsideration of Your Site to Get Back in Position
Now if you have identified that Google has penalized your site and you have lost the ranking in search engines then you need to diagnose the reason and possibility of penalty. Thus to identify the reason, ensure to follow the guidelines and try to avoid such factors which may cause you lost of your traffic and rankings in search engine. Certainly, when you are sure that your site complies with the standards, you can request Google to review your site for reconsideration through your account. Google will review your site again to ensure if it complies in accordance with the rules and policies.

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