5 Bad Mistakes in Your List Building Process

5 Bad Mistakes in Your List Building Process

Most people will tell you that building a list can give you more profits. Yes, it’s true that list building is an important part in your internet marketing business. It can help you to build strong relationship and ongoing business with your customers. However, most people make some big mistakes when they try to build their list. They don’t realize that it will affect their business in a bad way. Here are 5 bad mistakes you probably do in your list building process:

1. Building low quality list

Every internet marketers will know that the purpose of the list building process is to make connection to the customers and to make better profit for their business. They will know that a good quality list will be a list that they can monetize easily. So, this is the first mistake. People are building low quality list that they can’t monetize easily. Why does it happen? It’s because people are not targeting the customers that they want to sign up to their list. You should avoid this problem by narrowing your subscribers.

2. Being overly promotional

Of course, you are allowed to promote your product to your list. However, being overly promotional is another story. If you keep pitching your subscribers with the product that you own or affiliated with, you will make them scared to stay on your list. If you do this too often, you will make your customers leave your list immediately. The result will be high un-subscription rate and lost of more potential customers. So, balance value with promotion.

3. Too long interval

If you want to keep a close relationship with your subscribers, then you have to send them email at regular interval. Make yourself sticky in their head by sending them emails every few days. Remember that your customers have very busy life and they can’t remember who you are if you never contact them on regular interval. If you send them an email every two months, then no matter how good you are, you will not be able to build good relationship with them. You will be forgotten very quickly.

4. Not fulfilling your promise

Remember what you said in your squeeze page when you want people to sign up to your list. What did you promise to them? The point is that you must fulfill your promise in your squeeze page. Don’t make yourself like an untrusted person that is not fulfilling his own promise. If you ask people to subscribe in order to get your free valuable e-book and several new tricks, then you should really give them your free valuable e-book and several new tricks once they signed up to your list.

5. Buying list from other people

Still this is a big mistake most newbie list builders make. They think that they can simply buy a list from other people and send some promotional emails to that list and make money immediately. No matter what you do, you must build your list by yourself. You must avoid buying any kind of list from other people because you will bring your online business into disaster. It will lead you to become a spammer and your auto-responder company will ban you from their membership. So, be sure to stay clean when building your list.

If you want to build a profitable list, you need to avoid those bad mistakes first.

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