5 Effective Tips to Increase Traffic from Free Craigslist Ads

5 Effective Tips to Increase Traffic from Free Craigslist Ads

Craigslist is the best place for you to post classified ads that will direct people to your website. It is a big free classified ads website with millions of users worldwide. You can use this website to advertise anything, whether offline or online. Now, let’s talk about how Craigslist can help you to increase your traffic. Here are 5 effective tips to increase traffic from free Craigslist ads:

1. Create a fascinating headline and ad description

If you want people to look at your ad, you have to create a good, strong, and fascinating headline that will make them curious about your ad. After that, you have to give them enough body copy that will lead them to your website. However, make sure that you keep inserting the curiosity factor into your ad. You will get a surprising amount of new targeted traffic to your website if you tweak your headline and your description right.

2. Inserting keyword to your headline and description

With the power of Craigslist in the search engine, your ad can easily rank for the keyword that you choose, provided that the keyword has less competition. Craigslist has good page rank and therefore it is a good authority site in Google’s perspective. It is important for you to insert your keyword into your ad because it will raise your chance to get ranked in the search engine for that keyword. As a result, you will get more visitors to your ad and you will get more visitors to your website as well.

3. Link only to a high quality page in your website

Remember that Craigslist is not your place to post spammy ad that will direct visitors to a spammy and low quality webpage. Prepare a special page to receive visitors from Craigslist and refer to this page in your Craigslist ad. Make sure that the page has high quality content that is relevant with your ad post. Also, you should make your page to be search engine friendly. This will benefit your website rank in the search engine. Aim only for quality, not quantity.

4. Avoid posting duplicate ads

Not only this will easily lead you to a ban from Craigslist authorities, you will also not be able to post other ads in the future. This will affect your traffic building efforts. If you’ve already receive a good traffic from Craigslist, then you will no longer receive those traffic because you’ve been banned from the network. Also, posting duplicate ads will lead you to be marked as spammer in the network.

5. Remember your target audience

When posting your ad, you must always remember your target audience. What is the type of people that you are targeting? What is their main problem and what is the best solution for their problem? Keep in mind that the more targeted your ad, the more targeted visitors you will get to your website. If you sell a product or service on your website, a targeted ad will help you to convert visitors into buyers easily.

Those are some tips that you can follow to increase your website traffic from Craigslist ads. It’s time for you to use the power of Craigslist to bring more visitors to your website and bring more profit to your internet business.

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