Benefits of DMOZ Listing for Your Site

Benefits of DMOZ Listing for Your Site

The acronym, DMOZ is derived from or Open Directory Project (ODP) is the biggest comprehensive content directory of World Wide Web links on internet. This directory is intended to increase the exposure among users of internet business community. It offers featured links that will be displayed on your web page for the listings of your web site on search engine and helps you to generate traffic on your site. There is no restriction to apply for free listing on DMOZ but it might be difficult to obtain a high rank listing on some categories. Occasionally, it takes several months or year to get listed.


– The Most Reputed Directory Accepts the Reputed Sites Only

To keep the rank high and get listed, there is a standardized DMOZ policy for adding unique content. Sites which do not contain distinctive content or consist of affiliated links get rejected. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that site contains original, unique and valuable content and meet the standards by Open Directory Project. It helps to increase the number of in-bound links just one listing in DMOZ can help you to attract direct advertisers.


– Get Higher Page Rank with DMOZ Listing

PageRank is a scale used to rank the website based on number of incoming links on your web page. It is a standard following by Google to check web page’s importance. Due to the listing in DMOZ, web site can easily increase the ranking among search engines. Ideally, the page with higher incoming links will boost traffic rate and get selected as a higher PageRank and will automatically appear higher in search engine results.


– Positive Impact over Inbound Links

The most significant feature for Search Engine Optimization is the inbound linking. This is the best method for promoting your website. It multiplies the number of inbound links of your site on DMOZ to increase search engine ranking.

The best way to generate traffic is to optimize page for search engines through link building and getting links of other web pages to your web site.

DMOZ provides two inbound linking to your website; one is through DMOZ and another one is via Google directory. Both sites helps to boost the page ranking, while they have a high PageRank and because of inbound linking the page easily obtain linking from other sites as well.


– DMOZ and Google Post-Panda Effects

To obtain higher rank and good visibility in search engines and get listing in DMOZ is no doubt, not an easy task for web masters. Certainly, DMOZ listing is considered to be essential for getting high ranks in search engines. In 2011, Google has launched a new algorithm Google Panda or Farmer to identify the low quality site or pages that contains duplicate content and providing low term user experience. Therefore, to list the site on DMOZ and get a high rank on search engines, today user needs to be highly concerned and look for the ways to evade the factors that results causing Google Panda Effect on your site.


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