Basic SEO Habits to follow for Success

Basic SEO Habits to follow for Success

Not as many people practice good SEO habits these days and this is one of the reasons why you see many businesses or blogs failing. In fact, without proper search engine optimization techniques – your website won’t be found in the search engine. However, if you do some optimization it could increase your traffic by up to 70% which is a very high jump. Here are some basic SEO habits to follow for your website:


If you notice some of your posts are not indexed, or even the homepage itself – you will need to get it indexed. This is very important in order for anyone to be able to find you. Start by creating a Google sitemap and then pinging your blog. Also, you can link it to websites which already get tons of traffic and this way it will be indexed very soon. Normally, you can get your site indexed in as little as 24 hours or a few days.

Content Production

Did you know that producing content on a daily basis will help your site grow? However, each piece of content should have a purpose, or better yet – a specific keyword! You want to get site readers quickly and to do this, you must have highly targeted keywords. Make sure you post content on a daily basis but if this is not possible – it’s ok to post twice a week. Google will index each post as they come in, so if you don’t post anything they will definitely know. This means that your rankings will drop, no matter how great your SEO techniques are.

 Link Building

Every website owner needs to steadily do some link building. This is a process that should be done daily and also by doing this, you are casting a new vote to your website. For every link Google see’s, they give credit towards which results in a higher ranking for whatever page your trying to link. Start first with the homepage and then focus on smaller keywords. Use anchor text while doing this, otherwise this method won’t work.

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