Techniques for Site Optimization

Techniques for Site Optimization

Site optimization is practiced in order to get more site visitors and higher rankings. By optimizing your site, you can get anywhere from 20% to even 70% in traffic. This is an alarming increase for those of you who already have websites receiving traffic. Now, if you have not optimized any of your sites – it’s a good idea that you do this as soon as possible. Who knows, you could be missing out on thousands of visitors.

One technique that I use for new sites is the “domain keyword” trick. Basically, if you want to be ranked in the first page of Google quickly (in less than 3 weeks) you will need to choose a keyword that gets plenty of searches each month and is also low in competition. This means you need to find a keyword which doesn’t have more than 25,000 competing websites.

Site optimization mostly entails on site tasks such as changing your permalinks and web address structure. After all, you want your site to rank quickly and you can accomplish this by targeting long tailed keywords. Generally, long tailed keywords are anywhere from 3-5 words in length. This is a great way of getting targeted visitors to come to your site. If you happen to have WordPress, changing your permalink structure is fairly easy and just about anyone can do it via the permalink settings.

Now, SEO does not only involve keywords but it also calls for backlinks. In order to get your website bumped a few places above your competition; it’s a good idea to start linking to your homepage by using anchor text. What do we mean by this? First of all, you’ll need to find some doFollow blogs to post comments on. Once you’ve found a directory of blogs, begin posting 2-10 comments a day and you will really start to see your rankings climb.

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