Why You Should Optimize Your Website

Why You Should Optimize Your Website

For any website owner, optimization should be the first thing that comes to mind if you are creating a new project. It’s needed in order to succeed. Otherwise, if you have a great looking site and absolutely no visitors – what’s the use? You need visitors in order to make revenue with your website. This is just one of the reasons why you should optimize your website. Here are a few other reasons why you should optimize your site:

More Exposure

Aside from getting tons of visitors, you will have more exposure in the search engines. This means that instead of your site being in the #10 place, it will have much more exposure at #1. A recent study was conducted, finding that 60% of people who search for something will click on first website. Knowing this, it is critical that you optimize your site enough so that way you get decent rankings.

 Related Ads

If you plan on adding certain keywords to your website, you will be able to show off related ads. For example if you are displaying Google ads – your post or page should contain certain keywords otherwise the ads won’t be related. This could cause you to lose out on money. If you have a site that has finance ads, but your website is about pet toys, you may need to optimize it if you want it to show the right ads.

Better Results

Overall, a search engine term will show better results toward your site since it is optimized. Let’s say you have an excerpt for your dog training site. In the excerpt, you can specify what the page is about by placing your tags, keywords, etc. This will cause the user to stay on your page longer because they know what it’s all about and reduce the bounce rate.

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