A Sustainable Approach to Social Bookmarking

A Sustainable Approach to Social Bookmarking

If you are new to internet marketing, social bookmarking websites are websites fully dedicated to giving you a platform to maintain your bookmarks. Most social bookmarking sites have high PageRank; hence they are a great influence to your website when it is associated with them. Today, thousands of people are utilizing the power of social bookmarking for their off-page SEO and other internet marketing strategies.

Bookmarking is today utilized by internet marketers to get targeted traffic and obtain valuable backlinks. However, you should never underestimate its power in the long-term success of your website. Several years ago, social bookmarking websites were getting very high ranks in the Google results page, hence they decided to change their link attribute from ‘dofollow’ to ‘nofollow’. What this meant was that influential bookmarking websites had the ability and potential to kill all search results for all their bookmarks.

Make no mistake about what is practical when it comes to high PR bookmarking websites when you take a new approach to them. Bookmarking profiles at social bookmarking websites are renowned for being very worthless, and sometimes are even referred to as spammy. However, there are people who work hard at developing and customizing their profiles. These people have come to the realization that ‘full bodied’ and influential profiles do not get deleted, and enjoy a longer shelf life. It is in the hope that you clearly understand the huge benefit available when you assume the approach of having a high quality profile.

When you create a useful online profile characterized by informative content and material, it will mean that you can produce a very good RSS feed from it. It goes without saying that there is some SEO weight in a good RSS feed, not to mention the ability to submit to RSS directories. When you submit, you can include several of your links and customize them with targeted content on the feeds.  Be cautious though while doing this because the last thing you would want is to annoy your faithful RSS feed subscribers by having too many links within the customized content.

You should therefore target to strike a balance between advertising and promoting what your website has on offer and providing informative and good quality content that will appeal to, and be of good assistance to your online subscribers.  Once you do this, and then strive to do some bit of networking, it will only be a matter of time before you gained trust-rank in the search engines, and more coverage in the social bookmarking sites.

Always strive to maintain a respectful and decent presence at these social bookmarking websites, because only then can social bookmarking websites serve you well.

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