The Basics of Social Bookmarking

The Basics of Social Bookmarking

The internet is a huge place with billions of sites and weblogs making their rounds with ostensibly no order or pattern. To make matters worse, more and more websites are being created on a daily basis, actually on an hourly basis. This can only mean one thing, if you are thinking of starting your own website or blog, it is not only intimidating but also very off-putting and daunting, when you start to wonder how to attract enough traffic to make a significant effect with so many other competitive websites competing for the same traffic.

There are several ways on how you can improve a website’s visibility and gain targeted traffic which are all over the internet for your perusal. This article seeks to explore yet another less known but very effective tool that can be all that you need to start smiling all the way to the bank. This tool is what is now known as social bookmarking.


So, what is it?

Simply put, it is saving the pages of your website as bookmarks in your browser only that this time you have the ability to organize them by classing them in categories, or adding tags to make browsing through them easier. This tagging feature is undoubtedly the strongest and weakest point of social bookmarking. Not only does it add some reason and rhyme to browsing, there lacks standardization order of tagging, hence it is upon an individual using the application in regards to the categories added or created.

There is the other social aspect whereby other people using on the social network can visit your bookmarks and tags as well. It can be termed as a guide to more efficient and targeted web browsing as it facilitates easy browsing of material via categories, thus allowing others to locate sites and webpages that others find useful or of high quality. It is to be mentioned that the more a site gets bookmarked by its readers, the higher the ranking it will be accorded by the system.


Where should you social bookmark

Popular social bookmarking sites include Delicious (the founder websites of social bookmarking). Digg, Stumbleupon, and Reddit, among many other social bookmarking sites as well. You are not limited to a single network, you can submit to as many social bookmarking networks as possible.


Why social bookmark

The main aim of social bookmarking, which is always the ultimate target of all webmasters, is to boost the visibility of a website, that giving it the ability to attract new customers and retain its old ones by keeping them coming back for more and more. It is easy to get started with social bookmarking, you simply visit your site of choice, sign up for an account and then submit your links and start to tag them.

Probably the most attractive feature of these sites is that as you tag, you will have the chance to add a short description of what is in the blog or website that you are trying to link. This will give your target audience an overview of what to expect of the website.

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