How to Use Social Bookmarking to Promote your Online Business

How to Use Social Bookmarking to Promote your Online Business

The recent past which has seen the rise of social bookmarking as an indispensable Search Engine Optimization and Marketing tool has hugely and greatly impacted internet marketing. This has become particularly useful when it comes to off-page optimization of websites. A social bookmarking website is exactly that, a social network that allows you to maintain and add your bookmarks so that they can reach a wider target audience.

There are some long-term strategies that need to be employed when dealing with the social bookmarking websites… but it generally boils down to what you wish to accomplish in future with your business.  A social bookmarking site allows you to not only bookmark but also assign tags (read keywords) to the bookmarks created, a move that has a great impact on your search engine optimization efforts.

Just when the world thought that social bookmarking has attained its epitome of success, all bookmarking sites (at least the most popular ones), changed all their links to ‘nofollow’, something that greatly impacted on all social bookmark rankings. What this meant is that all the popular social bookmarking sites managed to simply kill all their search results on their bookmarks. Speculation was rife, and it still is, that Google had a major role to play in this change of linking structure.

So, what should a webmaster do to remain afloat and enhance their search engine marketing strategies? Simple, there are several strategies which when employed can greatly impact on your internet marketing efforts in these high traffic websites. Many people who utilize social bookmarking sites tend to provide scanty profiles that are valueless to any particular target audience.

If you however took your time to create a detailed profile, a profile that will show that you are legitimate, or rather your website and online business is legitimate and credible, then you will be doing your website or blog a great favor and enhancing its odds of passing a great review. This is always the right approach to social bookmarking.

For one, a detailed profile will allow you to use content, content that can form the basis of creating an RSS feed. With an RSS feed, it means you can market it to different RSS directories without having to fear of getting banned or something. This is simply more coverage and more exposure for tour links and website. Even so, you should be very cautious, and tread carefully so you do not end up creating the illusion of over-promotion, as this can drive your RSS members away.





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