Essential Gadgets For Amateur Documentary Filmmaker

Essential Gadgets For Amateur Documentary Filmmaker

If you are an amateur documentary filmmaker, you couldn’t do better than to get these gadgets to make your job easier.



Whenever one wants to buy a video camera the first name the pops into anybody’s head is Sony, Why, its Handycam has even became a synonym for a camcorder. Sony’s XP550 is a top of the line camcorder that can take videos in Full HD resolution. The colours are vivid, ghosting is not a problem and the sharp­ness is never blunted even when panning quickly. With the ac­tive mode on, you can zoom to as high as 10X optically. The XR550 also has 240 GB hard drive for storage and a bright 3.5-inch touch LCD to preview videos and images.

Specs: 12 MP; 3.5-inch touch LCD screen; 10X optical zoom; 240 GB hard drive; Full HD video recording; 500 gm weight.


  • Bose AE2

When it comes to audio reproduction, Bose does it best. The AE2 is an affordable pair of headphones from Bose whose forte is resonance. Though these are not marketed as noise cancelling ones, when worn they cut out ambient noise to a high extent.

The sound is clear and loud—just what you need when recording, t can be connected to any video camera with a 3.5 mm jack. Comfortable to wear these headphones are light and okay for prolonged use. For easy transportation, the AE2 comes with a string bag and can be folded and kept in the camera bag.

Specs: Passive noise cancellation; Foldable design; 3.5 mm audio jack; 138.9 gm


  • Sennheiser Ew 100-ENG G3 Wireless Microphone

Sound is the most important aspect of a movie after video. If the sound is not crisp then the movie suffers. To capture clear words and sounds, one needs a good microphone. Sennheisers 100-ENG is a lapel wireless microphone that pro­vides excellent flexibility for both indoor and outdoor shoots. It has a rigid metal body which houses a single colour LCD screen for transmitter activity and features. It is very user friendly—just slot in a couple of AA batteries and you are ready to Transmit and record audio.

Specs: 1680 Transmitting frequencies; 12 presets; 80-18000 Hz frequency response; 130 db SPL; 160 gm.


  • Final Cut Studio

There are dozens of video editing softwares out there, but none come close to Final Cut Pro. Compatible only with the Mac □£, this is an application used widely by most video edi­tors. Well-suited for the latest iMacs and Macbook Pros, Final Cut Pro takes full advantage of a new configuration. The time­line preview is smooth even when editing high definition con­tent. Render times are low as well. A lot of effects and transitions comes in the box and more can be bought. You need not be a rocket scientist to work with this video editor.

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