Top 5 Mobile Phone Apps

Top 5 Mobile Phone Apps

Call Control Blacklist Lite


Those who ore tired of receiving unwonted calls on their BlackBerry connection should consider installing this app. The Call Control helps in blocking unwonted telemarketing calls and even saves these calls from going to voicemail. Blocking area codes and private callers and having personal blacklist and whitelist (managed manu­ally) are a few other notewor­thy features. One can upgrade to the Pro version to automati­cally black spam caller along with giving access to online in­tegration. But for free app, even the Lite version smartly blocks the unwanted calls.



Android OS

The recently launched social networking space by Google is available for Android smart-phones from day one. The Google+ app looks clutter free and clean. The home page comprises stream, huddle, photos, profile and circles. Stream shows the latest updates from various circles. The easy-to-use huddle available on the handset is an instant group messag­ing service that keeps one connected to multiple friends in a single chat. All those known to you can be added to circles like Friends, Acquaintances, Following, Friends, etc. and one con add new circles. As Google+ allows user to share updates with selected circles, this feature con be accessed from the mobile app as well. Downloadable from Android Market free of cost, one can even visit the web page to send an SMS or visit from mobile browser.


Mobile Number Locator


With the increasing number of mobile numbers, operators are forced to start new series with numbers starting with 88, 77, etc. In case, you missed o call from on unknown number, to learn which city it belongs to, just type the first four digits mobile number loca­tor lab. It will reveal details such as the state, reference cities and service provider of the number that can help you in understanding to an extent who could have tailed. There is even an option to check The STD code via the name of the district or to learn the name of the stole by entering the code. Last but not the least is the ISD code locator that works in a similar way but it failed to give the ISD codes for many countries.


Nat Geo TV


The official mobile app from National Geographic Channel is a welcome one. Divided into various categories, the ‘Featured shows’ list contains a few selected shows. The next tabs on the bottom are ‘top ten’, subjects, listing and more. The shows listed under these tabs gives user the details about the show, episodes, access to galleries and some­times videos. The most useful of all are the individ­ual listings for National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild. These offer detailed schedules of the shows to be aired on an hourly basis for the next few days. Here, one can set a reminder for the show and even check the repeat telecast time from the app itself.



Symbian OS

A boon for touch phones, the SWYPE keyboard is a handy way of text input. Just move the finger across various letters in a continuous motion to form words. This application is now available for Nokia phones. Finger and stylus friendly, the auto correction helps in quick typing. It picks up words from a dictionary of close to 65,000 words and has over 50 symbols. The app developer claims of a speed of up to 40 words per minute. In Swype [English], one can choose from various language inputs, including Spanish, French CA and Portuguese Br.


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