Top Games At E3

Top Games At E3

Gears Of War 3

The final chapter is the one that is going lo be the deadliest. It will be one game worth all the waiting. There are a lot of mean bosses in the game, so watch out.


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

A game that is soon going to hit the PS3 screens. Third installment of the popular game that has swept many PlayStation gamers off their feet.


Batman Arkham City

If you liked Arkham Asylum with its neat graphics, you are bound to love Arkham City. The Joker is up to it again and this time Batman has his hands full with other villains such as Two-Faced end Penguin.


Bioshock Infinite

E3 2011 saw a lot of now episodes of already famous games. One that is soon going to hit your gaming screens is Bioshock infinite, a game most critics and gamers are looking forward to because of its superb graphics, game physics and storyline.


Hitman Absolution

The assassin is back. This time he has acquired some new moves that will keep you hooked. The graphics are pure bliss and the sound is candy for the ears. This is a game that a true gamer will not dare resist.


Forza Motorsports 4

It got the most awards for being the best racing game at E3 and we agree. With art exquisite range of over 100 cars, this game is what every racing enthusiast would want. It just might be Kinect-ready as well.


Super Mario 3DS

Ah, the game that we have been playing since we were young kids is soon going to be available in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS handheld. It is a fun game and making Mario run in 3D is quite nice. There are a lot of puzzles in the game so you need to save those much-needed Mario lives.


Kinect Sports Season 2

The lovely sports party game for Kinect which launched lost year is going to be bock in its all-new avatar. New sports have been added to the roster—like golf and American football. We en­joyed playing both the games, but then we ran out of time—and breath.


Kinect Star Wars

Till now we had our controllers, keyboard or mouse as our allies. Now we need to depend on our quick hand and body movements to kill those wretched beings on the dark side. The game is o lot of fun without controllers. Hopefully one will not exhausted too soon.

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