Basic Web Design Do’s and Don’ts

Basic Web Design Do’s and Don’ts

Following basic web design do’s and don’ts will definitely help you if you are new to web design.  Let’s say you have a new website you’ve been working on and want to know the best way to create and maintain it.  Generally speaking, following website optimization and posting often is recommended if you expect to succeed online. Some don’ts include abandoning your site, posting few or irrelevant articles, and not building backlinks. Here is a full list of basic web design do’s and don’ts below:


Never abandon your website

Don’t create a site without doing keyword research first

Stick to a daily posting schedule instead of weekly

Do not cease your backlink building process


Always update your content daily

Optimize each post or page with important keywords

Build at least 5-40 backlinks daily

Add a newsletter section to build a targeted list

In basic web design do’s and don’ts, the list actually goes on but by following simple methods, you will be able to make your way to the top of the search engine. Everyone knows this won’t happen quickly and does take time. With the right determination and hard work, it will pay off soon. Make sure you always give each of your website’s proper attention by adding at least two new posts a week. Aside from this, it’s always a good idea to build up a list by integrating your own newsletter. This way, even when people aren’t surfing your site, they can see offers or hear about recent news. Most surfers will forget to bookmark a site and it’s a great way to remind them your still around. Also, adding content which is highly targeted to your site’s niche will make the user stay on your page longer. Be sure to put up related posts so they can move around and view other articles they may be interested in. Just by following these rules, you will succeed in the online world of marketing.

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