Basic Web Design Tips for a Clean Layout

Basic Web Design Tips for a Clean Layout

Prior to finishing a project, or even starting your first site – it’s a good idea to look over the basic web design tips for a clean layout. If you are creating a website for a business, this is one of the most important things you could do. Most clients or potential customers will judge a company by it’s appearance. So, for example, they will look at their location, and also by the website. If your website looks incredibly clean and well tailored, a customer is more likely to trust in your company. However, if the website is too crowded with tons of links, this may lead to confusion. When it comes to basic web design, there are a few rules that one must follow.

Plan ahead if you want to design a new layout for your site. If you have a few site colors in mind, pick the one that best matches your company logo and looks professional. The overall website layout should not look fuzzy, have white/black spaces, and needs to point out to the “call to action”. So, for example – if you want your customer to pay attention to the “Buy it now” button, make sure you emphasize the design.

Make sure your website design does not confuse the user in anyway. You want your site to be clearly readable, at 10 to 12 pts when it comes to font. Also, the website should be well spaced and not overcrowded. Anyone will automatically leave your site if it has more than 10 links on the homepage. It is better to make separate categories in five links each.

Go with a layout that matches your niche. If you are selling cosmetic supplies, why not go with a white and pink layout? Or maybe if you have your own Italian restaurant, you can put up a pull down menu that allows the user to pick from the menu. Remember that you want objects to look clean and inviting.

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