How to Build a Website for Your Business

How to Build a Website for Your Business

Every business should have their own website because it is an easy way of showing off your services or products to potential clients. If you own a bakery and want to add pictures of delicious cakes you made, you can put them up on the front of your site. This will entice visitors to buy a cake from you since visual marketing is strong. Besides this, there are many other reasons to build a website for your business and we’ll let you know the process of building your first website.

First of all, you want something that is easy to work with in terms of managing your pages and post. We recommend using WordPress, which can be downloaded directly from their site. You just need the site files and after you can upload them via FTP. Don’t forget to create a database at your hosting company. It’s better to use Godaddy because they have one click installation.

Once you’ve done this, go to your domain, followed by “/wp-admin.php”. You can now access your website just by typing in the username and password you assigned.

Go to the portion of your site where it says “appearance” in the dashboard. This should be located on your far left. It’s time to choose a theme for your site, by looking through what they have. Keep in mind, most of these templates are free and if you want better quality for your business, you can use sites like Themes Forest, Elegant Themes, and more. Here you will be able to upload your theme.

Once you’ve put your layout up, it’s time to optimize your site. Add at least 3 keywords that you are targeting your site for. These keywords can be included in permalinks and also through the blog name settings. We strongly suggest that you install “All in one SEO” plugin if you want your site to be highly optimized.

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