Creating a Design for your Website

Creating a Design for your Website

You’ve always wanted to create your own website using a custom design, but have always wondered how to accomplish this. If you are someone with an “eye” for art, graphic design will come easy to you. Even if you aren’t good with design, there are still ways of coming up with a beautiful website. All you need are some simple tools such as Paintshop,, and so on. There are hundreds of programs that will assist you in graphic design, even if you are a novice.

Creating a design for your website will take some time unless you have the right tools. For example, you could create your site using your own artistic skills and then hire a developer to put it together. They will need to take your design and add customize it in PaintShop Pro or another program.  A

Prior to creating your design, first think of what you want to do. For example, if you have a site that will have more than 10 articles on it, why not categorize each article? Your directory should have at least 10 categories to choose from and this way the user can click on a link from the top navigation bar. Make sure you create an attractive navigation bar that can be seen easily. This should span across the top of the page.

Decide where you want to add any visual effects or graphics. Most of the time, designers will have a slider or an animated picture in the middle of their layout. This may or may not be a part of the design but it’s really up to you. If you just have a slider, you will have more customization over the pictures.

The footer is an important part of your website design. This should prominently display your contact information and at least 3 links for navigation. You want it to look simple and not so crowded, so adding a few patterns around where the wording should be will be fine. Feel free to place your logo just below that.


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