Guide to Designing a Website

Guide to Designing a Website

Designing a website may seem difficult but it’s really simple these days. You can either hire a professional designer to do it for you, or learn yourself. Remember that you will require some form of creativity when it comes to designing a website. After all, you will need to plan out everything including the graphics, animation, and placement. If you group items in your design too closely, it may ruin the design. Or, if you have little animation with the links hidden, the user may feel lost. There are plenty of website scenarios in this case, but in order to avoid them we have created a website design guide for you below:

Website Layout

Draw up your website layout on a piece of paper. Feel free to add any coloring that may be needed. By doing this from scratch, you can create a highly creative layout that is original. Add your own ideas and you will be sure that no one else has the same theme or layout. Also, while you  are doing this, create the logo for your site as well.

Color Coordination

When it comes to designing a website, you should pick 2 dominant colors. One color is for the background while the other is your menu. Of course, they could be the same but if you want contrast, the backgrounds can be different colors. Make sure you don’t add busy wallpaper. You want no more than 4 colors on your homepage so this way it still looks professional, without looking overbearing.

Putting it Together

Depending on what type of site you have, you will have to put the design together. If it’s WordPress, you can easily convert your theme image by using tutorials online. Another way to introduce your theme layout is by using image maps. Not many people use this these days, unless it’s an HTML based website. It is slightly oldschool, but may be easier for those not using WordPress.

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