How to Build a Free Website

How to Build a Free Website

For the past few months, you’ve wanted to build a free website for you to blog on. This has always appealed to you, considering that you can spill your feelings in a “digital manner” online. It’s highly possible to build a free website, even without programming and to do this; you must first consider a few places to build a free site. There are countless websites but only a few stand out in our eyes. Follow these steps below and you can have your own free website in no time.

If you are not considering WordPress for your free website, head over to Blogger. This is a great site for those who just want to start their own blog. Everything is free, unless you want to upgrade. They have tools which allow you to tweak themes, set your own look, or even manage multiple blogs. Not only that, but Blogger is also owned by Google. Many bloggers swear that over here, most of their blogs get ranked higher than regular websites, since Google owns them.

In order to build your free website, create a title for it first. Once you have filled out the form on there site, go ahead and add page elements. You can put up an extra side bar, menu, or even a customized footer. However, you’ll need to fix the coding to do this. You could easily have a programmer do it for you.

With Blogger, you can add new posts and images to your site. There is no need to create a separate HTML page or go through lines of coding. Just think of a title for your post, add a caption, and also create the link. Your story or article will be at the bottom, and once it’s published – anyone will be able to read it. As you can see Blogger, is a quick and easy method of building a free website.

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