How to Create a Unique Web Design Template

How to Create a Unique Web Design Template

Want to create a unique web design template for your business or personal blog? If so, you may want to start looking into web design examples. You can start by going through a few of the best designs online. To get great ideas, start looking at premium template sites such as Theme Forest, Elegant Themes, and Templates Sold. All of these websites are great for purchasing templates and even coming up with your own idea. It’s even possible to add two different pieces and create a beautiful, unique template from it. However, be sure not to closely copy any design and come up with your own!

To create a unique web design template, get out a clean sheet of paper and start brainstorming. To brainstorm, you can draw up some examples of what your site should look like. Draw at least 5 of these and choose the one that is best. It doesn’t need color until later, so skip this part.

Once you have come up with the overall layout, it’s time to choose colors and patterns. Generally, it is a better idea to create your logo first. If you have a black and red logo, you may want a site that matches the logo. With this in mind, your site’s background should be black, with some areas having red or white text.  However, if you have a site which is pure white and has a green, earthy logo – be sure to stick with colors that aren’t so bright.

Basically, your design should have a header, menu, body and footer. If you have these three things, you are ready to start bringing your design to life. You may have to have a designer create the template for you and this could cost anywhere from $100 to even $300. However, this isn’t too bad if you want a unique design that no one else has. You can also learn how to color in the design yourself through tutorials but it will take you quite some time to perfect this.

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