How to create your own Website Layout

How to create your own Website Layout

If want to create your own website layout, you’ll have to plan ahead with a basic “stencil” of how you want things to look. For example, most web designers will create a basic layout by sketching what they have in mind. They will come up with 3 similar layout ideas and try to figure out which one looks best. In order to create your own website layout, we suggest you get ideas from other layouts or even from yourself.

Header – Most headers are located in the top portion of a website layout. Some have the title in large bold letters, feature a sliding photo gallery, or just have a few pictures that relate to the niche of their site. It’s really up to you on what you want to do with the site’s header but you will have to think logically. For example, if you are a fancy restaurant looking for more customers – add your best pictures of the dishes you serve. Visual temptation goes along ways when it comes to food! If you are making an online article directory, it’d be best to leave pictures out and instead go with a bold title.

Navigation – Most website layouts will have their navigation as a dropdown menu in the middle, close to the top. In others, you might see the navigation is on the right hand side, with a list of clickable links. It doesn’t matter what type of navigation you have – as long as it’s not too crowded. Never put more than five links there and you should be fine.

Footer – The footer is a great place to add your site credits, put your logo, or even add some small forms. However, a footer should never have too much going on. Generally, only 3-4 items should go in the footer area. This could be a small contact form, logo, or a few links. The idea of the footer is to keep it simple.

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