Web Design Mistakes that Will Diminish Your Traffic

Web Design Mistakes that Will Diminish Your Traffic

Good traffic websites usually have good looking web design that makes their visitors to enjoy their stay in those websites. Here are 12 web design mistakes that will make your visitors to feel uncomfortable with your website and leave your website immediately. These mistakes will reduce the traffic to your website.

1. Uncompressed images

Unless your website is an image-sharing website, don’t put too large images into your web pages. Your visitors will have difficulty to load your web pages if you put too many large images onto them.

2. Automatic playing audio and video

Give your visitors the freedom to choose whether they want to play your audio and video files or not. If you set your audio and video files to be automatically played when your visitors load your website, it will be a burden for them, and they will run away from your website even before they completely load all those files.

3. Bad and confusing navigation

What will your visitors do when they see bad and confusing navigation in your website? Actually, they will hit that ‘close’ button to save them from headaches.

4. Hard-to-read text

If you want to attract more visitors to your website, make your website easy to read for them. Make them enjoy reading your website. Use common font, good line breaks, white background, and reasonable font size.

5. Advertisements everywhere

If you want to build a successful website that is constantly attracting new visitors, focus on your content, not on your advertisements. If you place too many ads in your website, you’ll lose more visitors than you attract them.

6. Under-construction website

Make sure that your website is fully constructed before you publish it to the internet. Most websites are actually still under construction and no wonder why people leave those websites.

7. Non-working links

Non-working links will affect your traffic because if the visitors landed on a 404 page, they will quickly realize that the content that they are looking for is no longer on your website. So, they will hit the ‘back’ button and say ‘next!’

8. Flash navigation

Flash navigation is often hard to read and it is not search engine friendly. Flash navigation can frustrate your visitors, unless you make it as simple as possible. However, it is better for you to opt for text navigation instead of flash navigation.

9. Too many scripts

Most people often disable the JavaScript option in their browser. So, if your website has too many scripts, your visitors may have difficulty in loading your website properly. The one thing that they will do when they have this difficulty is to close your website and never visit it again.

10. Lack of SEO

SEO is the most important thing in your web design because it can help you to make your website search engine friendly. It means that your visitors will be able to find your website quickly and easily in the search engine. Fill your title and tags of your website with SEO rich keywords.

11. Too long pages

Of course, you have very brief time to attract your visitors’ attention in order for them to stick with your website. But, if you give them too long pages, you may quickly lose their interest because most people are lazy to read too long pages in one sitting. If you have long pages, make sure to break them into smaller pages.

12. Fancy background

If you want your website to look more professional, you shouldn’t put any fancy background to your website. People will prefer to read website with clean background and fancy background will make your website look less professional.

Avoid those mistakes if you want to keep your visitors comfortable with your website and attract more traffic to your website.

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