Is $ 300 Too Much to Pay For Web Hosting?

Is $ 300 Too Much to Pay For Web Hosting?

Well, it depends. As I read the rest of the email that has brought the question, I noticed that the web host potential of the other things that had to include that price. I have seen the phrases animation and editing photographic images. These are both clearly design activities that have nothing to do with hosting.

Later I saw a mention of autoresponders, mailing list programs, and the use of a domain name. None of these activities are home. You may need them, but could not.

So the first question you really need to ask is what is the purpose of your website? This is the key to deciding the type of web hosting and related features they need.

Let’s start talking about a domain name. This is the name that will be known, what people type in the web browser so they can see your site. is a domain name.

In order to own a domain name and to be able to use it for your website, you have to buy it. Must be a unique name that is not already in use. You buy the right to use a particular domain name by registering it with a company known as registrars.

You can find many of these companies on the internet and the fee for the registration of one year may be as little as nine or ten dollars. You do NOT need to purchase web hosting from the same company or same time as the registrar you choose. In fact, I recommend using separate suppliers for these two services. It makes it much easier to change web hosts at a later time, if the company is not also your registrar.

For the price of the registration fee, many companies include free parking (that is, to put a web page for your visitors to see while you’re building your real page) and forwarding of emails, so you can receive emails addressed to you @ yourdomainname.

Although I do not think you’ll ever need or want a website, you can get an e-mail professional looking simply registering your domain name. This is a good deal for ten bucks. For example, you can register .RU domain for as low as $30 per year or you can register .com domain for as low as $12.95 per year price.

Now we talk about web hosting. You probably do not have the hardware required to host your own website, not to mention the time and expertise. That’s why most people pay an affordable web hosting company to do the job.

The files and images that you create (or created for you) that make up your Web site, physically reside on your computer (web server) owned and managed by the web hosting company. They maintain the infrastructure and other hardware, backing up files (but you should also, in case) and provide technical support for you to help maintain the site.

They may also offer other services such as autoresponders, mailing lists, blogs, content management systems (cms hosting such as joomla hosting or wordpress hosting) and shopping carts, to name a few. To keep this article from getting too long, I save the discussion of these ancillary services for another article.

How do you evaluate a potential web host?

Go to to learn about different hosting companies. Then check your stats performance. Consider spending some ‘time on a site like forums to see what others say.
And try Googling the company name followed by “complaints” word to see what others think.
Performance and support the key features to look for in a web host.

If your site stinks and the performance is down by 20% of the time, no matter what features are likely to be provided. When the site is down, you do not have the features available.

Technical support is critical. Look for live support (not e-mail support, which takes several days). Most hosting companies provide a free trial period. Take advantage of this period and make sure you call tech support at least several times. See what the response time is. And see if there are language barriers. If you do not matter how competent technical support staff is if you can not understand what they are saying.

If you need help on the design and layout of your website, I strongly suggest you consider that as an entirely separate from web hosting. Many designers make extra money by selling or reselling hosting services. Often times it takes you out of the loop, and on any problem that you must pass through the designer to be processed.

Nobody cares as much as you do on your site, so I want to have a direct connection to the real web host technical support. I’ve also seen cases where employers had their websites taken prisoner by designers who also provided hosting, making it extremely stressful for the entrepreneurs to access their data and making it almost impossible to change web host.
And finally, a word of warning. If the designer talks about his potential His “proprietary interface ‘” or please understand that this means it is highly unlikely that you will be able to do even a simple change on your website without the designer to get involved (and probably charging for it).

As with many technical aspects of running your business, even if you have no intention of editing and maintaining a website yourself, the more you understand about what is involved, the better choices you will be able to do outsourcing.

For the record, I have to pay $3.33 per month to host my website with, my favorite hosting provider so far.

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