Beware! Your Web Hosting Can Ruin Your Dreams!

Beware! Your Web Hosting Can Ruin Your Dreams!

White hat SEO if successful bring millions of users to your website, and in this way your webhosting must be that sturdy strong to cope all the Burdon of users and normally it becomes the worst experience of webmasters who compromise on price when buying hosting, Web Hosting Services mainly include services to provide space for websites means to advertise the company brand to its customers. The service of web hosting is the backbone of your online business and is one of the most important services that ensure your online presence. There are thousands of web hosting service providers and all that common they say is the best. Therefore, it is a difficult process to identify who actually provides the best services for web hosting. There are some important questions you should ask your hosting server site before registering in any hosting plan. Usually the first question people ask is about the cost involved. Although it is an important factor that will help you make your decision, the cost should not be treated as the main factor. There are other crucial factors that need to be addressed. First, you should ask your web hosting on their uptime (time online) medium. Most service providers hosting sites advertise 99.9%, but in reality it is very difficult to reach this figure as there is a series of server problems that can keep the site off line

 Scope of Service

The range of hosting services varies widely. The most basic is web page hosting, the files are transferred by ftp, File Transfer Protocol  or through the Web interface upload. These files are usually sent to the Web. Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide this service free of charge to the applicant. Personal web site hosting is typically very cheap compared to the cost of website hosting for business, because use of such hosting can be more expensive depending its bandwidth, hosting space, data center and server speed.

Drawbacks of providers abroad

Higher latency in connection: the ping in most cases is greater than 200ms, which can even be barely noticeable. However, in applications that perform commands in series such as FTP transfer speed can become quite noticeable.

Service in a foreign language : if the customer service contract provider located abroad and not a national company there can be problem in communication so try to have your webhosting in your own area so in matter of server issues you don’t have to face the communication problems,

Prices Drawbacks:

A skilled workforce in the area of System Administration is much more economical in the United States then other countries. The equipment, the disk space in GB and the amount of bandwidth per GB are also much more economical in the United States, compared to other hosting providers.

Identifying a provider abroad

The method described here will check if the site hosting provider is hosted in Brazil. If this does not necessarily mean that your site will also be because the provider can keep your site in Brazil and abroad customers.

•             take the domain from your provider. In , the domain will be

•             make a ping in the area of your provider. On Windows and even Linux just access the Command Prompt for Windows and Terminal (Terminal) for Linux:

•             ping

•             You will see the IP domain in parentheses.

•             Access and enter the IP

•             If the message appears not allocated to Brazil means that the site is hosted abroad

•             If you see the data provider then the site will be hosted in Brazil

Sometimes a provider can have the whole structure of local service and only the host server abroad.


The price is basically a data center operating costs and additional features, such as what is often determined by the support. And operating costs, server hosting block users Sharing 1 Internet Exchange (IX) and communication costs such as security, electricity, air-conditioning costs will be calculated based on the degree of trouble shooting. More capable server ( RAID6 , such as employed, whether or not stabilized by improving the resilience of the hardware.) and you to get resolved anytime trouble to introduce telephone support 365 days So for example, or even come with different costs. Slow network or a large number of persons living with a single server as low price, only email support, a high failure rate, with risks such as loss of data if the need arises because there is no backup, access and When the CPU load increases, such as display rate is affected significantly.

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