A Guide to Selling your Website

A Guide to Selling your Website

Project deadlines are late and there is too much to do these days. You find yourself shoving your website aside, just to finish your other work. Instead of neglecting your site, why not make some extra cash and give it to someone who truly wants it? Selling your website is fairly easy to do and there are many third party sites you can use to help advertise the sale of your site. Website Broker, Flippa, and even forum websites are great places to start your site sale. Here is a guide to help you get started selling your site.

First of all, think about how much you want to sell it for. If you have a dog store site that brings you $200 each month in sales, you should sell it for 10 times more than what its really worth. People are willing to pay for a site which is already earning money because they know all the work has been cut out for them. If you have a humor site which receives tons of traffic, say 3000 visitors daily – there will be many people who will want this site even if there is no revenue. Your site can easily sell at $0.02 per visitor and this means a site which has 3,000 visitors daily should expect to earn $1,800 from their sale.

Put up your website on Warrior Forum, Digital Point, or even Wickedfire. Just do this to see if anyone is interested and allow them to post offers. You want to get a feel of how much your site is really worth, before you put it out on the actual market. Who knows, you may even get a serious buyer.

If you decide to list your website on Flippa or Website Broker, always post traffic and revenue stats. People will want to verify your proof of revenue or claimed traffic you are receiving. This shows you are a serious seller and also shows you are indeed, the domain owner of the site. Flippa usually allows you to enter a code into your website so you can verify ownership. Aside from this, website selling is easy and we hope you succeed!

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