Top Websites to Sell Your Website On

Top Websites to Sell Your Website On

Website flipping appeals to many individuals because they like the idea of being able to choose how they want to flip the site. For example, someone could easily take a site and boost its traffic by 40%. If you can do this, you can really add some value to the site. Take it to the next step and you can begin building site revenue from selling ads. There are many ways to monetize your site but assuming you have already flipped the website, we’ll give you the top websites to sell your website on.

Flippa – This site is used for buying and selling websites. If you have a site that you’ve recently flipped, and want to share it with thousands of interested buyers, here is the place to go. In order to sell your website, you need to sign up with Flippa. The listing will cost you $20 but it is definitely worth it because you can sell your site easily. Everything is sold at a set price, reserve price bid, or just through a bidding system which has no reserve. It’s really up to the seller with what they want to do.

Website Broker – This site has been around since 1997 and is the very first in the business of selling sites. If you want to reach thousands of buyers and not have to pay a commission, Website Broker is perfect. You can edit your listing during anytime and buyers can contact you through their system. Unlike Flippa, you can list your site for a full 90 days. It just takes five minutes to list and that’s it!

BuySellWebsite – Selling your website can be easy for difficult. It depends on your asking price and what you paid to create the site actually. Knowing this, you should put up a listing in the most popular buy/sell marketplaces such as BuySellWebsite. For a small fee, you can put up weekly website ads or just put it in the directory so people can search for it. You can sell established sites, new sites, and even domain names here.

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