Website Flipping Techniques

Website Flipping Techniques

Looking for website flipping techniques online? If so, we are certainly sure you want to pull in some extra money or just be sure that your site at least sells. Now, there are a few techniques you’d want to use such as setting the listing for a longer time, encouraging new bidders with a lower reserve, and even linking to your listing. As you can see, there are many ways to get people to view your ad. Some may be interested in the niche of the site because it’s something they like or maybe they just enjoy the professional design. If you find a site that has great potential and know what you can do to really perk it up, you will be able to sell it easily for five times more what you paid for it. In the meantime, here are some tips of website flipping.

Design – If you see a site that is getting good traffic and has a horrible design – why not concentrate on creating a new layout for the site? People are easily turned off by a site which has a sketchy design and by turning this around, you can sell the site for a lot more than what you paid.

Traffic – Let’s say you’ve found a site which already gets thousands of visitors each week. If so, you may want to do some search engine optimization to assist the site in its rankings. As anyone knows, the higher your keyword ranks – the more visible it is to other people. Another way to build more traffic is by backlinking to popular posts or pages. Do this gradually, building anywhere from 10 to 40 backlinks each day.

Social Media – Does the new site that you own have it’s own Facebook fan page? Does it also have a Twitter page. Believe it or not but these days everyone is connected to Twitter and Facebook via smartphones. Without having your own pages, you’re missing out on thousands of people visiting your site. Who knows – they may want to buy something or even click an ad!

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